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Prevent Falls this Fall

   What do you think of my friends? Gizmo, Charlie, Hannah and Godiva, graze and guard our pasture. Chances are, if something is happening at the ranch, they are in the middle of it. They play with their big red ball, chase the sheep, and they are very vocal when we they think they aren't getting enough attention. Those little donkeys get away with a lot because they are so darn cute!   Ground squirrel holes can literally be a pain or much worse for equines. When we choose to have animals in our lives, it is our great responsibility to make sure they are healthy and safe. That includes regular vet visits, worming, checking their fencing and preventing injuries. The last thing we want is for one of our horses or little donkeys to get hurt.   Fall is officially here! Out here in Northern California, the fall colors are not as brilliant as they are east of us. Actually, where we live, if the area isn't irrigated, it's pretty much just dry golden hills. Without

The Coyote - Nature's Ground Squirrel Control

           Coyotes - whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit they are excellent ground squirrel control. Small mammals such as, ground squirrels and rabbits, make up most of the coyote's dinner menu.They will also go after livestock and eat carrion. The livestock part is what makes coyotes the enemy of many ranchers.   When lambs or llamas are being born at our ranch, coyotes seem appear from out of nowhere. Our llamas are usually the first to spot the coyote. They sound the alarm at the ranch with their "Xena Warrior Princess" yells. Our three Great Pyrenees will reply in loud barks and race to find the coyote. The llamas will often already be running toward the coyote with the miniature donkeys, not far behind. The sheep will get the message and run into their pen. We humans, will try to keep up with all of the action and may spot a llama chasing the coyote to the fence or the dogs chasing it in the hills. As long as no one gets hurt,

Keeping Horses Safe

  These 3 Amigos are the inspiration behind the Burrow Blocker.   Horses are magnificent and powerful creatures! Our horses are part of our family. We play, snuggle, and help each other when needed. Just like with my kids, my job is to love, care for and protect them. That means making sure the area they love to run and frolic in, is free from dangerous ground squirrels holes.   At Burrow Blocker, I've received many calls from people who share their lives with horses. They all have the same love and fear. They love to watch their beautiful horse break into a run and they cringe with fear at the same time because they are afraid that their horse will be severely injured from stepping into a ground squirrel hole.    We know that fear. That's why John designed the patent-pending Burrow Blocker, ground squirrel control machine. Fortunately for us and our horses, we now relax and enjoy the gorgeous late summer sunsets without worry as the 3 Amigos play in the pastu