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The Nut Show

THE BIG QUESTION:   Do Ground Squirrels Climb Trees? Mike and I finally made it to the The Nut Show. Too many people told us that's just where we belong. Not sure what they meant by that...hopefully, it's because of our machine. The Burrow Blocker fills in ground squirrel holes; we don't deal with tree squirrels. So why are ground squirrels a problem for Nut Growers? It turns out that ground squirrels love nuts like their cousins, the tree squirrel. The Burrow Blocker booth at the  West Coast Nut Conference was a popular place. Our large banner with the ground squirrel was a scary reminder of the nut growers' gnawing and thieving nemesis, the ground squirrel. Growers don't see a ground squirrel, they see dollar signs being subtracted from the the value of their total yield. Besides stealing and burying nuts, the ground squirrels destroy new trees, gnaw on bark, chew holes in irrigation lines, and undermine the trees' root systems by burrowing beneath them.