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Ground Squirrel Dogs

Dogs love to hunt for ground squirrels. Below, is one of our squirrel hunters from the ranch. Actually, Pepper is more of squirrel chaser and not much of a catcher. We rarely have squirrels at the ranch, so Pepper doesn't get much practice. Here she is sitting on her buddy, Brutus, in the duck blind. (Don't tell Mike, but his great duck hunting dog is really a cuddly lap dog - even in the duck blind.) Dogs really can help with ground squirrel control. Jack Russell Terriers, Rat Terriers or pretty much any dog that is feisty enough will make an excellent squirrel hunter. It takes a tremendous amount of energy and patience to get those digging rodents. Unfortunately, when a large property is ridden with hundreds of holes, the task becomes pretty much impossible for a dog. Of course, it doesn't mean that the dog won't love trying! When our dogs go up on the hill, they are on high alert for ground squirrels. Sometimes they get lucky and a neighboring squirr

Exciting Burrow Blocker News!

There's lots happening at Burrow Blocker ! This morning, Mike woke up to an adorable little surprise at the ranch. We didn't know the Mama Llama was expecting. This cute cria turned out to be a special New Year's gift. Now the big questions is, what to name her? Please send me your name ideas. The other big news is that Burrow Blocker will have a booth this year at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA. Mike has attended the Expo for many years, but this will be the Burrow Blocker's and my first time there. We are excited to introduce the "world" to the Burrow Blocker machine.  Please stop by and visit Mike and me at Booth #5017 in Pavilion E. The ground squirrels have sure enjoyed the December rains. They've been out on the sunny days and eating away. We've started getting lots of calls from Southern California people frustrated by the ground squirrels and their dangerous holes. Their breeding season has begun and they are on