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Burrow Blocker at World Ag Expo 2015

CONGRATULATIONS Garrett,  from Lemoore, CA! WINNER of a  $250 Bass Pro Gift Card  from the World Ag Expo 2015 Burrow Blocker Booth Drawing. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our Burrow Blocker booth last week at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California! More than 100,000 people attended this year's 3 day event. Mike and I met some of the nicest people. People visited us from Canada, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Utah and of course, California. They all work hard and love their animals. One of their big problems is dealing with g round squirrel or prairie dog infestations. The rodents carry disease, eat their crops, and dig dangerous holes throughout their property. Besides the financial loss, they worry about someone getting hurt, their horses or cattle getting injured, or damage to their equipment and irrigation.  Mike and I are happy that we can provide a solution that gets rid of the burrowing rodents and the holes.  Anot

Capturing Marketing Photos

The Burrow Blocker marketing team consists of me. That means I am the crazy person always taking pictures of ground squirrels and holes. Those darn squirrels are everywhere until I click to take a picture. Often, I'll pull over next to a field overrun by ground squirrels. They are busy chasing each other and racing all over the field. As soon as I look through my camera lens, they disappear into their holes!  It's much easier to just take photos of their numerous holes. The problem with that is that it's tough to make a photo of a hole interesting. That's why I often have pictures of dogs, horses or kids next to the holes. They are much more photogenic and usually more cooperative. Speaking of preparation for the World Ag Expo , I needed to design some new posters for our booth. Last Friday, was a lovely clear day at the ranch and my plan was to get some photos of the horses in the pasture. No matter what I did to get their attention, Casino and Wi