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Plague Infected Ground Squirrel Found in California

Is it a Plague Infected Ground Squirrel or a Zombie?

ground squirrel control
Okay, so this isn't a photo of the ground squirrel with the plague.
Wouldn't it be cool if it was?
Scary squirrels might prevent people from trying to pet  or feed them. A zombie-looking ground squirrel would also make identifying those infected with the plague easier. The squirrel could be removed and the area could be quarantined and treated.
When it comes to the plague, the fleas are the real bad guys - the ground squirrels just happen to be the carriers. This week, parts of the Angeles National Forest were shut down and campgrounds closed because a plague infected ground squirrel was discovered. People were forced to change their summer vacation plans so the ground squirrel burrows and area could be dusted for fleas. For more info see the article from the LA Times:,0,3215912.story
Unfortunately, some people see ground squirrels as cute little nature friends. They beg for food and nibble on it with their tiny little hands. People get so caught up in their cuteness, that they forget that life is not a Disney movie. These little fur balls bite and can transmit the plague.
Besides transmitting disease, ground squirrels destroy millions of dollars to crops and landscaping each year. They also dig holes that cause injury to people and even horses.
Remember, that ground squirrels are not pets. Do not feed or attempt to pet them. If you see a dead ground squirrel, contact your local animal control or use gloves if you have to handle it. Also, prevent ground squirrel overpopulations on your land. Email me for info on green solutions to dealing with ground squirrels.


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