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Squirrel Busters Organic Squirrel Abatement in Madera County & Beyond

Squirrel Busters Organic Squirrel Abatement consists of the dynamic duo of Mark and Wyatt Trost. They are a father and son team that won the ground squirrel battle on their own land in Chowchilla, California. Their almonds and grapes are safer and are they are out saving others from those dastardly diggers! Read about Wyatt's ground squirrel experiences:

ground squirrel eradication, ground squirrel machine
Wyatt Trost checking the sand level in the Burrow Blocker hopper.
"When I first heard about the Burrow Blocker machine, squirrels were already a major problem in our field. My dad and I had tried a variety of things from stuffing a flare down the hole to different poisons. I remember the last method we tried before finding the Burrow Blocker. When we found a hole in the ground and we stuck a pellet in it. This pellet had some fancy scientific name that I can never seem to remember. When it came in contact with moisture it would turn into a gas. I found it fascinating, but the gas was just as deadly to us as to the squirrels.

I was sitting at the computer typing on one of my stories, if you haven’t guessed I have a thing for writing, and my dad shows me a packet of papers. The title read Burrow Blocker and the picture was of a trailer with a water tank and a hopper, I later learned that it was for sand. I read the description for the machine. It used water to carry sand into a burrow and fill it up. This prevented a squirrel from moving back into the hole. It also kept the hole from becoming a sink hole. All one needed to do was place a hose in the hole and let it flow. It sounded too easy. I liked it. I was all for it, but it took my dad some convincing. He wanted to be sure I was all in.

The year was 2011. The Burrow Blocker sat in our field for a demonstration. My dad and I had flagged some of the worst holes in the row. The Burrow Blocker filled in about four of them. But something to remember is the size of the hole has to be accounted for. One of those four holes was one of the biggest burrows in the field. And to this very day those holes are still full of sand. My dad and I own a Burrow Blocker now. It’s completely safe, no chemicals and it gets rid of the squirrel. I find it far more effective than any other method we tried in the past. It is a little faster, too. My dad and I worked four rows at once when we first tried it on our own.
ground squirrel control, organic squirrel abatement
Mark Trost filling a ground squirrel hole.

Before we could start Squirrel Busters, we needed to get licensed. The Burrow Blocker machine doesn't use any chemicals, yet we had to get a qualified applicator’s license, which is for applying chemicals. They told me that the method developed for Burrow Blocker was so new that there was no license made specific for the use of organic squirrel abatement. Overall, in my opinion, the Burrow Blocker makes a nasty business cleaner and safer."

Last month, Burrow Blocker sub-contracted Squirrel Busters to help us fill ground squirrel holes in over 400 acres in the Central Valley. This large job required 2 Burrow Blocker machines running from dusk to dawn. Thanks to Squirrel Busters help, we finished the job and we both continue to work together to provide follow-up maintenance service on this site. Mark and Wyatt are dependable professionals, and the bonus is that they are fun to work with!

To learn more about burrowing rodents and Burrow Blocker ground squirrel control, go to: or call: (925) 634-9204. 

For ground squirrel control service in Madera and beyond, contact Squirrel Busters Organic Squirrel Abatement - Mark (559) 474-5449 or Wyatt (559) 232-4738.


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