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3 Reasons Your Ground Squirrel Control Isn't Working

Getting rid of ground squirrel infestations can be challenging. From researching the best control methods to purchasing and implementing - there's room for error.

1 - Rodent Misidentification

For example, if you put up an owl box thinking it will eliminate ground squirrel or prairie dog problems, you will be disappointed. 
  • Ground Squirrels & Prairie Dogs are diurnal - most active during the day.
  • Gophers are nocturnal - most active at night.
  • Owl boxes are a good solution for gophers and mice because they attract owls and owls hunt at night when the gophers and mice are out.
Use the Burrow Blocker to control Ground Squirrels
Owl Box Used to Control Gophers & Mice Over-populations

2.  Didn't Follow Instructions

It's the middle of a hot summer day and you correctly identified the rodent pests as ground squirrels. You activated a gas cartridge and tossed it in one of their holes, covered it with dirt, and walked away assuming the problem is solved. 

Checked back a few hours later...

The Result:
Burrow Blocker Ground Squirrel Control

  • Gas cartridges are not the best solution on a hot summer day. The gas can dissipate through the dry soil, diluting the concentration and making it ineffective.
  • Covering only one hole of the ground squirrels' burrow system, allows the gas to escape and allows place for the ground squirrel to avoid the gas.
  • For best results, follow the gas cartridge instructions and review:  University California - Ground Squirrel Best Management Practices - Fumigation

3.  No Follow-up Treatments  

You correctly identified the burrowing rodents as ground squirrels, and properly used a recognized control method, one time. 

One time of doing almost anything and anticipating perfect results, is considered fairly unrealistic. What if the ground squirrels were visiting a neighboring field or maybe even having lunch on a tire?
Burrow Blocker Ground Squirrel & Prairie Dog Control
Clark sent me this photo. We met when I spoke at the San Jose PAPA Seminar last December. 

  • For best results, reapply the treatment as directed by the operating instructions or label.
  • Observe the surrounding area. If the neighboring properties have ground squirrel over-populations, expect continued follow-up treatments to control the re-infestation.
  • Pay attention to the ground squirrels' environment. At times, they live in one area and feed in another. If they are living on the other side of the fence, coordinate ground squirrel control with the neighbor.
A quick summary - pay attention, follow instructions, be aware of environmental factors, follow-up treatments are key, and adapt as needed.

Let me know if there's anything you'd add or if you have questions.


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