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Too Many Ground Squirrels?

Are you a rancher or farmer? Do you golf or play and hike in your local parks? If you spend any time outdoors, chances are you have encountered ground squirrels and their holes. Ground squirrels are an important part of our eco-system. They are only a problem when their natural predators are eliminated and the result is an overpopulation of these rodents. When they take over a pasture, their many holes and burrows are a safety hazard to horses and other animals. They also chew on irrigation hoses, destroy crops and trees, and carry disease. How do you deal with too many ground squirrels? Do you use pesticides and poisons? Do you use hazardous gases and fire? What works for you? Do you care about how the places you visit deal with ground squirrel problems? Over the last few years, I have been studying ground squirrels and how to control their populations. My family has a ranch and we worry about the safety of our animals. Too many ground squirrels create an unhealthy and unsafe envir