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Is That Athletic Field Safe?

Kids are encouraged to go outside and play! Play soccer, football, softball or even a game of tag! Before running on that field, we need to ask, "Is it safe?" Can you spot the ground squirrel hole? Add caption Ground squirrel or prairie dog holes can  make  running  across a field, a dangerous game. Kids have broken or sprained their ankles,  and even broken their legs in ground squirrel/prairie dog holes. Imagine playing soccer on this field...keep your eye on the ball and watch for holes! Soccer tournaments and other athletic events have been cancelled on school fields because the officials refused to allow the kids to play under such dangerous conditions. The Burrow Blocker is the one-step effective green method that many schools, universities, cities and counties, use to eliminate ground squirrels/prairie dogs and their holes.  Check with your local schools and parks to make sure they are doing their part to prevent injurie