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Merry Squirrelly Christmas!

According to the Urban dictionary, squirrelly is defined as bizarre characteristics that cannot be explained;   deliberate, wack spazzy strangeness. While reading that, a friend or loved one probably comes to mind. When I read that, I think of actual squirrels - the rodent critter that exhibits that squirrelly behavior. A squirrelly example this Christmas season is the colorfully lit trees on Boston Common's unusual outages. Who is destroying the festive mood of the beautiful lights? Squirrels! The Boston Globe shed light on this squirrelly darkness. Tree squirrels are nibbling and chewing through the electrical wires of the Christmas lights. For example, on one 47' Christmas tree, specially delivered from Nova Scotia, half of the lights were out. One theory of this strangeness, is that like some thieves, the squirrels love the copper wire.  The city park officials have contracted a professional to tackle the problem by using a deterrent, Critter Gitter, that consists of ho