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5 Ground Squirrel Facts We Bet You Don’t Know

Ground Squirrels Do More Than Dig
1.  Ground Squirrels Climb Trees
They don't spend as much time in trees as Tree Squirrels do, but they do run up trees to escape predators. Ground Squirrels also strip the bark of of young trees and eat fruit and nuts.

2.  One Acre of Land Can Be Home to 100 Squirrels
It's like an over-populated underground squirrel city! Imagine all of the burrows and holes - and rodents! Large populations of ground squirrels lead to disease, erosion, and their holes are a dangerous liability.

3. Ground Squirrels are Cannibals
They are not vegans. A small part of their diet is cannibalizing their own kind, and eating road kill. Quail and pheasant eggs are also on their menu.

4. Ground Squirrels Can Fight Snakes - and Win  (Warning - the video below shows an actual fight and it's violent & bloody.)

5. You Can't Trap & Release
California Fish and Game Code specifies it is illegal to release ground squirrels elsewhere without a written permit. That mean…