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The Squirrel Guy & Squirrel Lady

"Hey! You're the Squirrel People!"   It's been 5 years since someone first called Mike and I that at a school facilities conference. We weren't quite sure how to react - at least they knew who we were. Mike at the Burrow Blocker booth Now we are used to being the Squirrel People. Mike is the Squirrel Guy that builds our patented Burrow Blocker and directs the Burrow Blocker service team. You'll also see Mike with Pepper, his black lab, in our videos and flyers. Mike & Pepper demonstrating the Burrow Blocker. I am the Squirrel Lady that you'll find at PAPA Seminars , County Ag and AgSafe classes, providing continuing education for pest control licensing. Contact me if you want to learn more about ground squirrels and organic ways to deal with them or if you want to learn how the Burrow Blocker machine can solve your ground squirrel or prairie dog problems. Lisa & Sedona My brother, Mike Tikalsky, and our Dad, John, invente