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Meet the Squirrel People

 Mike at the Burrow Blocker booth - CASH 2013 "Oh! You are the Squirrel People!" The first time someone said that to Mike and me, I wasn't sure how to react. After I thought about it, at least they knew who we were. Last week, Mike and I became known as the "Squirrel People," at the C.A.S.H. 34th Annual Conference on School Facilities. We had a great time meeting superintendents, facilities managers and maintenance supervisors for California school districts. Ground squirrels are a serious problem for schools. As we all know, kids run across fields for their sports and just for fun. The last thing anyone wants to see is them tripping in a ground squirrel hole. We met people from schools that shared how students have sprained their ankles and even broken their legs because of ground squirrel holes. What really impressed me is the number of school districts that are getting away from using baits, poisons and gases. They care about the environment and