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Is it a Tree Squirrel or a Ground Squirrel?

Question:  How do you tell a Tree Squirrel & Ground Squirrel apart? Typical Answer: Duh! If the squirrel is in a tree, it's a Tree Squirrel. If the squirrel is on the ground, it is a Ground Squirrel. Too bad it's not that simple! See those 3 squirrels in the above photos? Notice, that they are all on the ground. You guessed it - they are all actually Tree Squirrels! Just to make things more interesting, Ground Squirrels often climb trees for food or to get a better view.  How to Tell if it's a Ground Squirrel or Tree Squirrel 1.   Be Scary! The easiest ways to tell if it's a Tree Squirrel or a    Ground Squirrel, is to scare them. Say boo - or however you prefer to be scary, and then watch and see what happens. Typically, Tree Squirrels will climb up a nearby tree and Ground Squirrels will scurry off into a hole. Squirrels are so tricky and well, squirrelly, so you may need another way to tell them apart. 2.   Look for Markings.  S