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A New Machine for Tackling Ground Squirrel & Prairie Dog Problems

Introducing Burrow Blocker 2200 - "The Red Burrow Blocker" Pepper sitting next to the Red Burrow Blocker Not everyone has hundreds of ground squirrel holes. Some customers requested a smaller Burrow Blocker to use on their property that could be towed by their small truck or ATV. They wanted something easy to operate, affordable and effective. The Burrow Blocker 2200 - The Red Burrow Blocker, is designed to tackle ground squirrel and prairie dog problems at smaller ranches, farms, schools and parks.  Like the original Burrow Blocker, the Burrow Blocker 2200, effectively fills ground squirrel and prairie dog holes with a slurry of sand and water. The water is absorbed into the ground and the sand is left, eliminating the hole and the rodent's food and home. By getting rid of the burrow, re-infestation by another rodent is drastically slowed. Also, no hole is left for a person or horse to step in and be injured. It's all about keeping people and the