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A Rat in a Ground Squirrel Hole?

What happened to this ground squirrel's ears? He looks like one of our dog, Rocky's, stuffed animals - except this little guy still has stuffing. Since I didn't have any luck searching online for the possible cause of his unusual ears, I'll just have to make up something. :) I blame a rat . Last year, while I was on a Burrow Blocker service job, marking ground squirrel holes with the grounds superintendent, we heard a nasty fight in one of the holes. We thought it must be some ground squirrels fighting. Soon, a bloody faced ground squirrel raced out of the hole and at the entrance we saw a red mouthed rat. The rat had won the battle and claimed the hole. When I wrote "What's in that Hole?"  for an April blog last year, I forgot to mention that rats also like to live in ground squirrel holes. The guys had told me about a Burrow Blocker service at a large dairy that had a huge ground squirrel problem. When they started filling the holes, they soon rea