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1 Easy Way to Identify What Lives in a Hole

Property riddled with holes? Thinking of shoveling a scoop of dirt in each hole is the answer? Think again.  Know what inhabits the hole before attempting to destroy it. Digging away like Pepper in the above video, is what not to do. Start by educating yourself on the endangered and protected animals in your area. Check with your local Agricultural Commissioner's Office and for helpful info, read my blog post: " What Lives in that Hole? " Still Not Sure What's in that Hole?  1 Easy Way to Find Out is to Set Up a Video Camera! Last month, Mike and Daniel provided Burrow Blocker ground squirrel control service at a solar field in the Central Valley of California. They saw a large hole, possibly a den and wanted to verify the inhabitants before filling it with slurry from the Burrow Blocker machine . Mike and Daniel thought it might be a coyote den, so they set up a motion-activated video camera to. Check out the results: Did you see the wil

4 Reasons Hay Farmers Hate Ground Squirrels

For Hay Growers, ground squirrels and prairie dogs impose frustrating, costly, and dangerous situations. Here are 4 reasons that make nice farmers hate ground squirrels: 1 .   A Bumper Crop of Ground Squirrels is Not the Goal Have you ever heard of anyone with a ground squirrel farm? There are too many farms that look like they are raising burrowing rodents. Predators like hawks, snakes and coyotes might think it's a good idea for a restaurant, but farmers don't have a use for them. If the area predators can't keep them under control, over-populations of ground squirrels and prairie dogs mean lots of hungry rodents devouring the hay. Besides eating away profits, these rodents pose a health risk to humans through the spread of disease, such as the plague. 2.  Ground Squirrel Mounds Dull the Cutting Blades When ground squirrels and prairie dogs dig burrows, they bring soil and rock to the surface. The end result is mounds of dirt near the burrow openings. The longe

Rodent Holes Lead to Injuries & Liability

Can you spot the ground squirrel hole? Ground squirrel and prairie dog holes can  make walking or  running  across a field, a dangerous game.  Adults and children have sprained and even broken their ankles in  ground squirrel and prairie dog holes. Imagine playing soccer on this field...keep your eye on the ball and watch for holes! Soccer tournaments, baseball games, and other athletic events have been cancelled on school fields because the officials refused to allow their athletes to play under such dangerous conditions. It's much more than a financial  liability, it's an obligation to keep playing fields safe. Burrow Blocker  is the one-step effective green method that safety-minded schools, universities, cities, counties, businesses, and ranchers use to eliminate ground squirrels, prairie dogs, and their holes.  CREATE AN IPM PLAN TO STOP GROUND SQUIRRELS Lisa can help you - call  (925) 634-9204 . Burrow Blocker fills ground squirrel