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No Girl Dogs Allowed?

A magnificent sunrise walk with Daisy. Maintaining a lush and beautiful lawn can be a challenge. Some people are annoyed by the gophers criss crossing their yard with tunnels, and killing their grass along the way. Others are frustrated by the ground squirrels digging so many holes, that they've considered creating their own put-put golf course. I can help you find solutions to your burrowing rodent problems. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to deal with this new lawn destroyer. Who is this invader that is causing problems? Dogs. Actually, not every dog, just the female dogs. Apparently, this is such a serious problem in The Lakes community, in Discovery Bay, California, that in a recent newsletter, they advised residents to not let female dogs urinate on the lawns. I've never noticed it with my dogs, but I guess some people find that urine from female dogs, "stains" the lawn. (For the full article, read the Eye on the East Bay section of the Contra Cost