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Do Not Feed The Ground Squirrels

Even if they look cute and furry, DO NOT FEED THE SQUIRRELS! From the Grand Canyon - National Park Service But the squirrel likes me! It ran right up to me and begged... The squirrel looked hungry... The signs are for other people - not me. It's okay, I know what to feed them. Squirrels know how to read? In an attempt to get park visitors to read the warning sign and take it seriously, the above park went to extreme measures - the sign was written to the animals. "Oh the ground squirrel is so cute," is not a good reason to feed it. Some "people" food can be toxic to animals and they can become dependent upon food from humans. This can lead to aggression and attacking people to get food. Do you know what animals is considered the most dangerous animal in Grand Canyon National Park? The rock squirrel.

Coyotes and Badgers - Hunting Buddies

Are you dealing with ground squirrel or prairie dog problems? Maybe you should consider inviting a coyote and a badger to your place for a hunting trip. Coyote striking a pose while ground squirrel hunting on our ranch. He couldn't find any, so he went to the neighbor's. Coyotes like to hunt and chase down ground squirrels. Badgers like to hunt and dig up ground squirrels hiding in their burrows. Since coyotes are best at the above ground hunt and badgers excel at digging up their prey, the two make excellent hunting partners.  Native American's observed this unlikely pairing of badgers and coyotes and wove it into their folklore. Scientists have studied their association and have found witnessing these hunting buddies is a challenge because they prefer to stay clear of human interaction.  Here's some rare and amazing video footage showing coyotes and badgers hunting together: Here's a video from Animal Planet showing the Badger and Coyote Hunti