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Ground Squirrel Control in FARM SHOW Magazine

The BURROW BLOCKER is in the latest issue of FARM SHOW!  The article, "Burrow Blocker" Fills Gopher Tunnels with Sand, is an excellent summary of the Burrow Blocker machine and how it was developed by my dad, John, and my brother, Mike.   Those of you familiar with the Burrow Blocker, know that the article title is a little misleading. The Burrow Blocker is used to fill Ground Squirrel holes. Gophers tend to back-fill as they dig and often dig just under the surface. The Burrow Blocker is most effective on the holes of deep digging rodents with well defined tunnels.   What makes it all confusing, is that some people call ground squirrels, gophers. In Canada, the Richardson ground squirrel is often referred to as a gopher. The other problem is that sometimes people just don't know what is digging up their property. All they care about is that it stops! To learn the differences between ground squirrels and gophers, read my popular blog post, Is it a Groun