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Ground Squirrel Hunters

When someone mentions hunting, usually ground squirrels aren't the first thing that comes to mind. Surprisingly, there are people that regularly hunt ground squirrels and then line up all of their dead little bodies for photos. I'll let you search online for that yourself, because I am currently erasing those pictures from my memory. Do you know who really loves to hunt for ground squirrels? Dogs. Cats probably do too, they just don't like to show their excitement; they like to play it cool. Here's a photo of Jake with his prize catch. He was so thrilled that he brought the ground squirrel into the barn to show off. I didn't want to see if the critter would be Jake's afternoon snack, so we picked it up and set it on the truck bumper and went to get a shovel. Ground squirrels are full of surprises! That little guy was playing possum! He jumped off the bumper and ran away! Jake's favorite hunting buddy was Orwood, our ranch cat. Orwood l

Ground Squirrel Control Remedies Can Make You Nutty

Are ground squirrels making you a little nutty? What crazy methods have you tried to control them? Before we created the Burrow Blocker, our ranch was over run by ground squirrels. We were so desperate for solutions that we tried almost everything to get their population under control. Since we didn't want to risk poisoning our dogs, cats or other wildlife with pesticides, we tended to get pretty creative. Here are a few crazy things that we've tried: Wrigley's Gum - I'm not sure why it had to be Wrigley's gum but we heard it worked, so we tried it. First we put the sticks of gum in the holes and a few weeks later, when the ground squirrels were as plentiful as ever, we thought maybe we should have chewed it first. We had lots of holes and lots of gum and our jaws got tired pretty quickly. All we ended up with was fresh breath and gum stuck to our shoes...and still too many ground squirrels. Water - The next idea was to just flush them out with water.