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Ground Squirrel Damage

What kind of damage do ground squirrels' chewing and digging cause?
1.  Destroy Irrigation Ground Squirrel Water Fountains make for a costly and time consuming day. Whether they are thirsty or just like to to chew, either way ground squirrels wreak havoc on irrigation systems. Water is wasted, erosion occurs and the trees or crops don't get the water they need to grow.

2.   Holes...lots of holes. Mention ground squirrel damage and that's the first thing people complain about - holes. It goes far beyond messing up landscaping, which is also a costly problem. Holes are a safety hazard and a liability at parks, farms, and schools. 

3.  Erosion/Levy Safety Issues Ground squirrels digging along canals and levies are a disaster waiting to happen. Their burrows can divert irrigation water and have been known to cause severe damage to levies and other water retention systems. Add heavy rains to burrow systems and the erosion can result in hill slides, serious root erosion in orchards an…