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Love Horses? Keep them Safe!

Are you a horse lover, like me?  Some people have work horses, we have cuddle horses. We affectionately call them our pasture ornaments. They were the inspiration for our Burrow Blocker machine.  Casino & Windward As horse lovers, we enjoy seeing our horses happy. One of the most exciting sights is watching horses race across a pasture. The excitement can soon turn to terror when you see the field riddled with ground squirrel or prairie dog holes. People have said to me, "My horse is too smart to ever get hurt in a ground squirrel hole!" I sure wish that were true. I've talked with too many people that have lost their horse due to a nasty ground squirrel or prairie dog hole. Last year, I even had a call from a guy in Colorado who had broken his own leg when his horse tripped in a prairie dog hole. Green Burrow Solutions in Colorado Peter Anderson with Green Burrow Solutions, uses the Burrow Blocker to control prairie dog populations and get