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Scary Squirrels

Do you have nightmares from spending too much of your time and thoughts dealing your ground squirrel problems? In honor of Halloween, the next time you hear the chirping of a squirrel in the distance, here's a little something to haunt you even more. Surprise! Squirrels aren't the gentle little vegans we like to think they are. Actually, most of this blog's readers don't think of them as gentle because they have witnessed how destructive ground squirrels have been to their crops, landscaping and irrigation hoses. Some of us have also heard that they are known to spread the bubonic plague, but we never imagined them eating... MEAT! Yes - Meat! At first, I heard of squirrels eating worms, which really didn't bother me that much. Then I heard about them munching on mice. That might make the feral cats at my ranch mad, but they'll get over it. Hearing about them eating lizards was a little troublesome, but they pushed me over the edge when I heard about the