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Rodents Stressed Out During COVID-19 Pandemic

Ground squirrel with face mask COVID-19 pandemic

Everyone is experiencing stress during this COVID-19 Pandemic - even the rodents! No, they aren't freaking out because they have to wear little masks and shelter place. The problem is that we humans are not following our usual routines and they miss us.

The ground squirrel's rodent relative and fellow pest, the rat, is on the move during this time of COVID-19. Rodents often rely on human food for survival and with restaurants closed and people staying home, rats and other rodents are challenged with finding new sources of food. Their usual dumpster buffets and trash can food carts are empty. It's gotten so bad for with the rats, that the CDC - Center for Disease Control, has issued a warning about aggressive rats seeking out food. For more ravenous rat info, check out the videos below:

This video from Inside Edition has their "Rat Patrol" Reporters showing rats out in full force:

Like their relative, the rat, ground squirrels haven't been obeying the Shelter in Place. They continue to congregate in groups, devour crops and destroy athletic fields and pastures.

Ground squirrel eating in shadows

Ground squirrels eat plants, insects, quail eggs, seeds, fruits and like other rodents, people food. With the schools closing campuses, the squirrels are missing out on the school lunch leftovers and snacks from students. They also have free run of the athletic fields and grounds. There are no teams practicing, students at recess or PE classes on the fields. At many school campuses it's become a huge ground squirrel playground. The destructive rodents are taking over and are found everywhere - because they can.

Can you spot the ground squirrel in the photo below?

Ground squirrel on top of shrub

This Squirrelly takeover won't last. Maintenance departments and groundskeepers at school campuses, universities and parks are seeking solutions to the overabundance of ground squirrels. They know that soon students, athletes and the park visitors will be back and they want to protect the people from injury and keep their fields healthy and looking good.

Pest control is an essential business and here at Burrow Blocker we've been inundated with calls from schools, county and city parks, farmers and homeowners frustrated by the large number of ground squirrels and their holes. Burrow Blocker provides ground squirrel control service and manufactures and sells the patented Burrow Blocker machine.  Protecting people, horses, cows, orchards and crops from dangerous ground squirrel and prairie dog burrows is what we do. 

If you're overwhelmed by these destructive burrowing rodents, contact me and I'll help you find your best solution. Another option, is attending a PAPA Seminar for pest control CEU. For now, the PAPA Seminars are online.

See me on the following PAPA ZOOM Webinars:

September 1
October 14
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Stay healthy - and contact me if the ground squirrels are driving you crazy!

(925) 634-9204

Lisa - Burrow Blocker Ground Squirrel Control Machine


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